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MercaTuber is a new platform to help professional truffle growers and collectors, providing them with an online presence and tools for the purchase, management, promotion and distribution of their products.

At the same time, it aims to be the largest showcase for the most exclusive products of rural areas: truffles and mushrooms. It is aimed at consumers, both individuals and professionals who are committed to promoting local trade, enjoying fresh, quality products from anywhere in the country.

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MercaTuber becomes the mediator of total confidence between the professionals of the sector and the final consumer.

Truffle gatherers and truffle growers can offer their products: fresh truffles, fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms, preserved mushrooms, processed products, accessories…

MercaTuber brings together the best of seasonal fairs and markets with new technologies on a single platform so that consumers can find the product they want quickly and easily.

We want to promote the development of rural and inland areas of Spain, offering a unified and technologically advanced sales platform that allows professional truffle growers and harvesters without an online shop to make the digital leap and those who already have one to consolidate their customers and expand.

At the same time, we want to make online shopping easier for all types of consumers, whatever their digital experience.

But above all, we want to empower the truffle farmer, so that he can fight for his product and get the value it really has, without intermediaries in between.

We aim to consolidate our position as the best marketplace specialising in the fresh truffle trade, becoming a national benchmark.

We aim to generate wealth in rural and inland areas of Spain, helping freelancers and companies in the truffle sector to update their sales methods, becoming independent from traditional sales channels and reaching more consumers. In this way, we want to be a contributing factor to boost the rural economy, offering a plus of confidence in e-commerce at all levels.

MercaTuber is based on honesty and authenticity in its role as intermediary between seller and client. We offer maximum transparency in all phases of our work and we believe 100% in customer service. We believe that online shopping should not be without attention to detail, closeness in dealing with customers, or the delicacy of personal relationships.

MercaTuber was born from the ideas of an entrepreneur from Castellón, an agricultural engineer by profession and passionate about truffles. With experience in truffle farming, both in cultivation and harvesting as well as in marketing, she realises how little has changed in the way of marketing and managing the fresh truffle market. She therefore decided to develop the idea of a free online marketplace, where each truffle farmer prices his product and where consumers can buy directly from the seller, without the truffle passing through anyone else’s hands.